F.I.D.'s Releases

The First Show! Down in the basement of Kate.

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LIVE AT CLUB BABYSEALS - Demo tape(1995) This was really just a recording of the first practice. It was just Me, Dave, and Drummer John. It's really bad except for Jay Piette singing the Fred Friendly song. I think Kevin and Liam recorded it. 5-10 copies.
THE HARDCORE MOOKA-Another demo tape(1995) Still just the three of us. Recorded by Nason. This still sounds like crap but it's better than the first one. I think we made like 50 of them and gave most away at some basement show in providence. I think we played with shotgun flu.
COKE, STAR WARS, and ROCK AND ROLL-(1996) We recorded this the same day that we played earth day and almost got beat up by hippies for telling the cops about 4:20. Mike was in now. I think we made over 100 of them with around 5 different covers. I like the hamburger one the best.
PHELPSY DESTROYER-(1996?) Shindig radio compilation 7". Kevin and Liam put this out. It was us the Mole People and the Toss Offs. There is a chance that too many copies of this record were pressed. You would have to check with Liam but I think there are still 992 left. (1000 pressed)
RUNT OF THE LITTER vol.2-(1997) The song "girlfriend's mom" was on this comp cd on Fan Attic records. Nason's old band Fess was also included. Someone de-tuned all of our guitars at the release show at the RAT in boston. Heated words were exchanged. I think we played with the Dropkick Murphy's. We blew them off the stage.....or did we? (1000 pressed)
LEARN A FOURTH CHORD-(1997)Someone at MRR put this record in their top ten. Someone at Punk Planet said it was crap. Punk Planet is for assholes. Still have 30-50 copies left. (500 pressed)
PICKING UP THE PIECES (of eight)-(2003) This 7" was sold only at out first reunion show with Nason now on guitar. We played at my house on the side yard. We should have made more cause it's wicked expensive to just make 100. It featured the songs Pirate Coins and Dumping Dinosaur. (100 pressed)

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